2023 Fall / Winter - Summary -


A lineup that emphasizes layering

Our discussion began as to what kind of lineup would be best for creating INEIVE's first fall/winter wear. Unlike the spring and summer seasons, where you can wear light clothing if it's hot, the fall and winter seasons have large changes in temperature and perceived temperature, making it even more difficult to choose clothing. If you want to prepare the best clothing for various climate conditions, you will need a wide variety of outerwear, and on days when it feels a little chilly, a thin long-sleeved jersey is best, and when the temperature drops a little more, the material is lined with brushed lining. During the mid-winter period, when the temperature drops further, a windproof winter jacket will be comfortable.

On the other hand, for a small brand like us, how to spend limited resources is a big issue. What is the best thing to do... Although we had some concerns, the decision to narrow down our lineup was a natural one for us, as we want to take each product seriously with our brand vision at the core. What we ultimately arrived at was a winter style based on layering. We improved the fit of wind jackets, made them layered to give them performance comparable to mid-winter jackets, and considered the type of innerwear to be worn inside when choosing the material for long-sleeved jerseys. We created the product step by step, with the ideal being that one piece of clothing can be worn for many seasons and used in a variety of ways throughout the year.

Recently, perhaps due to the effects of global climate change, even in Japan, the seasons are not changing as usual. This year, the effect is particularly noticeable, and even in early December there are days when you can cycle in short sleeves, a climate we have never experienced before. Naturally, when days like this continue, it's hard to find winter wear. For cyclists who are considering purchasing new clothing, deciding when to purchase and choosing which clothing to purchase can be extremely difficult. As mentioned earlier, INEIVE's fall/winter 2023 wear covers a wide range of temperatures through layering. Nowadays, it's hard to predict the changes in the seasons, so clothing that can be worn in a variety of ways is sure to be a useful item for many people.

Until now, winter wear has generally had low elasticity and is not suitable for layering. However, INEIVE's winter wear actively uses advanced stretch materials to ensure comfort even when layered. We also paid attention to the relevance of size when combining items. For example, the wind jacket North Gale Jacket has an exquisite size that fits both with the Root Woven Jersey (short-sleeved summer jersey) and with the Tempo LS Jersey (long-sleeved winter jersey). All jackets have a short length to prevent the zipper from getting too tight when riding, but the North Gale Jacket is intended to be worn as an outer layer, so it is designed to prevent the wear underneath from peeking through the hem. We also made small adjustments such as making the zipper dimensions slightly longer.

Continuing from the spring/summer season, the color range is based on navy and gray, with the addition of seasonal colors such as khaki green and beige. No matter what combination you use, it will create a calming style that is typical of INEIVE, and I'm sure it will go well with clothing from other manufacturers that you already own. We have tried to keep each item simple and easy to mix and match without over-decoration, so we hope that you will be able to use our products with love for a long time.

Domestic apparel situation and world situation

This fall/winter season's wear is also made in Japanese sewing factories, just like the spring/summer season. For small and medium-sized brands, domestic factories are very helpful as they are flexible, easy to communicate about detailed sewing specifications, and can respond flexibly, but this year's circumstances were quite unique. Due to soaring transportation costs due to the deteriorating international situation and exchange rate fluctuations, many apparel brands returned to Japan, and the production lines at garment factories became more crowded than usual. Until now, the domestic garment industry had been undergoing a major shift overseas for several decades, and the hollowing out of the industry was obvious. Then demand suddenly recovered, so there was no way we could respond to all of them. In particular, the cycling wear we handle is more complex and difficult to sew than other sportswear, so there are only a limited number of factories that can handle it. Thin, highly stretchy fabric is already difficult to sew, but the pattern is cut three-dimensionally along the body, and the size is tight, so even the slightest misalignment will affect the comfort of the garment. Also, sewing factories that have the technology to attach pads to shorts and tights are very important, and not every factory that can sew general apparel products can do this.

With such few options, we managed to secure a production line, and the first samples for photography started arriving in early November. Normally, shooting in the fall and winter seasons is done while the trees are still green, and I have a hard time choosing a location, but for better or worse, it's already November this year. The leaves are also starting to turn red, making for a good visual shot during the cold season. By the way, the model for this visual shoot was Katsuya Okamoto of TEAM BRIDGESTONE Cycling. Although he is a rookie, he is a notable player who has shown his presence in the JPT. It was her first experience modeling for a clothing brand, so she seemed nervous at first, but as the shoot progressed, she gradually became more relaxed. He played his role well.

By the time the product was completed and we arrived at the launch, it was already early December. Surprisingly, there were still warm days at that time. This means that the Tempo LS Jersey and Tempo Bib Tights will be useful in this climate. When getting ready, keep a North Gale Jacket in your pocket for evening headwinds. There are only a few days left in 2023. In preparation for spring, when I'm looking forward to wearing the Fog Vest, I want to wear it properly even when it's cold. Wearing the new INEIVE clothing will make your winter rides a breeze.

text : Kota Shizuhara / INEIVE