As a Japanese brand


INEIVE as an Olympic legacy

I want to take the culture of cycling as a sport in our country one step forward. We felt the same way as many people who are passionate about bicycles. Even in a small market that cannot be called a major sport, I want to use that empathy to change society. As a Japanese cycling apparel brand, we want to contribute to the Japanese cycling scene.

INEIVE is a wear manufacturer based in Tokyo. July 24, 2021—Tokyo Olympics. The Proton that raced right in front of our eyes was more moving than we could have imagined. The dream-like faces who came to Japan in the best conditions are engaged in a serious competition for medals, and what's more, it's a mountain line race. Team cars lined up in rows, a steady stream of spectators along the road, and cheers. Considering issues such as traffic regulations and transporting equipment, it is a miracle that this event was held in Japan under such favorable conditions, as Europe has an absolute advantage in hosting it. I'm sure those who know him were deeply moved by it.

The course starting in Tokyo reminded me of the unique beauty of Japan. From Tama New Town, take Doshi Michi to the foot of Mt. Fuji. Tama New Town, where we witnessed Proton, was chosen as the location for INEIVE's launch visual, with the aim of capturing that emotion in our hearts. Tama New Town was decided upon as a city plan the year after the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, and became a destination for the influx of people into Tokyo due to high economic growth. There are countless apartment complexes, a mix of old and new, well-maintained highways, and strategically placed parks. The familiar scenery that has supported people's lives may be said to be an aspect of the real "Japaneseness" for us today.


When creating INEIVE products, we are always conscious of what ``Japaneseness'' is. Cars, cameras, and of course bicycle components. Japan has many world-class manufacturers. Although there are historical and cultural backgrounds, it seems that the result of digging into and editing products born overseas from a Japanese perspective has resulted in a brand that can compete on a global scale. And I believe that this ability to incorporate, dig deeper, and edit is the most ``Japanese-ness.''

It is an unshakable fact that Japanese society is surrounded by Western culture and products. For a long time, Japanese people have been admiring things from other countries, making various updates and additions from perspectives that local people may not have noticed, and sometimes creating new perspectives through their own interpretations. You could say that our culture is shaped by a certain kind of mania.

At INEIVE, we want to be conscious of that feeling. We respect the culture of cycling that originated in Europe and adapt it to suit us. And if it is accepted back home as a re-import, that would be interesting, and I think that kind of approach is what makes it ``Japanese.'' Just as we discovered the ``Japaneseness'' in the scenery of new towns, it seems that there are hints of creativity behind our common sense.

text : Daisuke Fukai / INEIVE